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30 Kitchen Lifehacks Every Food Loving Person Should Know

Kitchen is that one place you all have worked in and we all know how it can be a nightmare between cooking and storing things and what not. We decided to compile a list of 30 tips and tricks that you can use in your kitchen and turn the ‘kitchen experience’ into something fun and relaxing.

30. Cold Butter

If you have got butter that is too cold to spread or if you want to impart more test when it comes to baking biscuits etc., then this is what you need to do; grate it and enjoy the delicious food!

29. Eat or Throw Away

If you are one of those who doesn’t consume eggs on a daily basis and have some of them lying around in the fridge then best follow the instructions in the picture and decide if you should throw the eggs away or use them.

28. Broken Shell

Eggs again folks, this has happened to almost everyone; you break an egg and parts of its shell break and fall into the bowl, this is where you need to use the remaining shell to scoop those pieces out.

27. Sauce Storage

This is like the perfect thing to do; just freeze them up and use them later!

26. Peeling Garlic

Three steps; smash, shake and separate! Quite easy when you compare these to the traditional methods, don’t you think?

25. Watermelon

Make use of this technique to enjoy watermelon this summer.

24. Reheating Pasta

Keep a hollow space between the container and your pasta will heat up quicker and more efficiently.

23. Store Ice Cream Like a Boss

Store the ice cream in a bag to keep out the cold air and preventing your ice cream from becoming rock solid.

22. Cutting Board Safety

The cutting board is a vital piece and since it involves sharp knives, safety is paramount. Make use of a wet paper tower or damp hand towel beneath your cutting board to prevent it from sliding.

21. Orange Peeling

Although peeling an orange with fingernail is easy too, but this trick is quite classy.

20. DIY Travel Cup

Well, thank us later for this amazing thing. Just make use of a seal and poke a straw through it and your travel cup is ready.

19. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper will allow you to save yourself from scrubbing of the pan.

18. Pizza Cutter

Make use of a pizza cutter to take care of the stack of pancakes when it comes to cutting them into slices.

17. DIY Yogurt Pops

Make your own yogurt Popsicle by making use of this technique!

16. Flossing Food

Make use of unscented dental floss to cut soft food into chunks with ease without getting your fingers messed up.

15. Keep Lettuce Fresh

The dry towel that is placed inside will absorb all the moisture from the lettuce and keep it fresh and dry!

14. Pit a Cherry

Make use of a chopstick in order to poke the cherry pits out while saving the cherry in a whole piece. This is a simple tip but quite efficient.

13. Rolling Citrus Fruits

When you roll out citrus fruits while putting a bit of pressure on them, you’ll be able to get more juice out of them.

12. Chill Wine

Frozen grapes will impart that classy look and shall cool down your drink without destroying the taste!

11. DIY Muffin Liners

Make use of parchment paper and no longer shall you need Muffin liners.

10. Shred Chicken

Get this KitchenAid and shredding the chicken won’t be a problem anymore.

9. Peel Ginger – Again

Peeling ginger with spoon is easier and surprisingly quite effective.

8. Knife Slicer

A sharp long knife, steady hands and two plastic lids and there you go!

7. Cut A Bell Pepper in a Hurry

Well, that was smart and easy!

6. Coat Cups With Non-Stick Spray

Either use oil lining or spray with non-stick spray when you are measuring things that are sticky such as honey.

5. Wooden Spoon Trick

if you make use of a wooden spoon and place it over the boiling water; water won’t boil over. The reason being that the spoon pops the bubbles and absorbs the heat.

4. How to Store a Cake

Use bread as instructed and you’ll find that preserving cake is easier than it seems!

3. Saving Honey

For those of you who don’t know this; heat the crystallized honey by placing the bottle in hot water to make it normal again.

2. Freeze Herbs In Oil

Freeze your herbs in olive oil to keep them from browning and prevent freezer burns.

1. Opening Jars

Make use of a rubber glove or a thick rubber band to open that jar which just won’t pop open.