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17 Brilliant Life Hacks That You All Should Know

Life hacks are there for making your life easier. Today, we present you the most amazing life hacks that you can use in your life.

17. Do you know that pumice stone can remove fuzz from your clothes

Free up your clothes from the fuzz with the help of pumice stone.

16. Hang up your bags to organize them

Shower hooks can help you in hanging your bags and purses, making your closet organized.

15. White wine makes red wine stains in-effective

Pour white wine to remove red wine stains.

14. Dryer sheets remove deodorant spray stains

Dryer sheets are very helpful in removing deodorant spray stains

13. Frozen grapes chill your wine

Avoid watered down wine by using frozen grapes instead of ice-cubes.

12. Use a straw to untangle your necklace

Insert your necklace chain through a straw to avoid getting it tangled.

11. Pool noodles help in making your shoes erect

Pool noodles and even a roll of newspapers and magazines in your shoes can keep them erect.

10. Save your fingers from ring stains

Apply clear nail paint inside your rings. It will prevent causing the green stains on fingers.

09. Hang your boots

Hanging your boots will help in maintaining their erectness. Make sure the hangers have sliding clips.

08. Remove chewing gum from your hair

An ice cube can help remove the gum from your hair without damaging the hair.

07. Cutlery trays can store your jewelry very brilliantly

Organize your precious jewels in cutlery trays. Your jewelry will look organized.

06. Tie your scarves in a hanger

Tying scarves in a hanger will create more storage space in your closet.

05. Put your shoes in a shower cap while travelling

Shower caps can be an awesome shoe wrapper when packing for travelling.

04. Caddies are an amazing appliances holder

Caddies help you store appliances easily and also free up the counter space in bathrooms.

03. Tuck your jeans in long boots easily

Neatly tucked in jeans will not look while wearing long boots.

02. Paint your keys; give them identity

Your keys can be easily recognized by applying nail paint on them and tell quickly which lock they belong to.

01. Remove the bad odor from your shoes

Put baking soda in your shoes to remove bad odor from your shoes and gym bag.