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This Video Shows How You Can Turn A Classic Lego Set Into A RC Plane That Actually Flies

Here’s the proof that these days even bricks can fly! Just a pinch of imagination and a whole lot of creativity led to the reincarnation of this 27-year-old Lego set—the Solo Trainer. The Solo Trainer was an R/C plane enthusiast favorite for decades and has thousands of flight hours under its belt. But just when we thought it was antiquated, an aerospace engineer and hardware designer at Google, Adam Woodworth reconstructed the old fellow to see how aeronautically sound Lego’s design actually was!

The plane is comprised of various types of foam that include one-inch thick panels that usually are used to insulate a house. Since the original Lego model is now obsolete, Adam had to recreate the replica of the original Lego model which surprisingly flies like a champ given its angled design and non-aerodynamic appearance.

The first model crash and burned after a motor failure, but Adam put another 100 hours in and recreated this masterpiece!

These are literally flying bricks! Now, all we need is flying pigs and we are all set for the Armageddon!