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Convert An Old Mitsubishi Into A Lamborghini With This Easy Step By Step Guide

Who doesn’t like a Lamborghini? We know we would love to get our hand on one, however, this Ukrainian guy sure went a step ahead and made his own Lamborghini Reventon from a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The guy created this replica from scratch, working in his garage with his own hands and whatever tools he could get his hands on. The result is marvellous to say the least.

So, what do you do when you’re owner of Mitsubishi Eclipse but are bored of the car and want some change? Well, you transform it… into Lamborghini Reventon.

The first step, of course, was to get rid of the existing panels.

Then he needed to prepare panels for Lamborghini Reventon via designs that he had.

Wire frames were added to the remaining chassis of the Mitsubishi and the panels were added.

The Panels were welded together in phases. As you can see, he took care of the front first.

Followed by the rear.

The same process of removing the existing panels.

Stripping down to basic chassis.

New Panels being installed via the additional wire framing.

The rear bumper before it was fixed.

The rear bumper’s finished looks.

And we are finally starting to see where this is going.

Some more details that needed to be taken care of. (the interior and sides)

This is how the car looked after the panels had been installed.

The finer details can’t be missed and were catered to.

The most important part!

Brake lights and headlights being attended to.

The finished product before paint.(just the base coat)

The first grey coat and how the car looks.

Let’s give it a more polished look, shall we?


So, How do you like me now?

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is how you transform a Mitsubishi Eclipse into a Lamborghini Reventon.