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Here’s How You Can Fix A Broken Zipper At Home In 5 Minutes

Zipper problems

Who doesn’t like wearing jeans? It is that kind of clothing that will become more and more comfortable each time you put it on. However, once the zipper slider comes off the zipper track; it seems almost impossible to fix it. The replacement will mean that you won’t be wearing these particular jeans for a day or two perhaps.broken-zipper

However, there is a simple fix which you can employ to emerge out of this situation victoriously. All you need is a pair of scissors, a needle and a matching thread. First of all, make a slit between the teeth of zipper tape. Make sure that it is as close to the bottom of the tape as possible. The slit needs to be a deep one so that you can easily put the zipper slider back on track.

Once the zipper slider is on track, you can zip up the jeans. Congratulations the first part of this guide is completed. Now to attend to the opening that was left by the slit; you’ll need to make a stopper with the thread and needle that you have. Start sewing around and keep at it until you think you’ve made a strong and subtle stopper.

And with that; you’ve successfully managed to fix your zipper and can wear jeans without any problem for the time being. The zipper slider will move up and down perfectly fine. However, do get it replaced as soon as you can!

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