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20 Smart Ways You Can Re-Use Your Old Jeans

Pants Pots

We all own denim jeans and no matter how hard you try, you have to throw them away after a certain amount of time. We are here to tell you to not do that and instead, make use of these Jeans that can’t be worn anymore. Check out the 20 ways you can make use of your beloved Denim Jeans.

20. Coaster

Coasters, anyone?

19. Gadget Protector

This is super cool, folks!

18. Quilt

Here’s how you can stay in touch with your beloved Denim jeans.

17. Wine Bag

Store your wine with style.

16. Camera Bag

That camera needs a bag? Good, because this jeans needs to be used.

15. Shorts

Mother always did this when we were children.

14. Bean Bag

How can you not make such a thing?

13. Slippers

Denim Jeans is known for one thing; comfort.

12. Handbag

Handbag and that too for no price at all.

11. Rug

We know you want it!

10. Door Hanger

For all those small things you wished you had a place to put in.

9. Organizer

Good job!

8. Money Holder

Keep your money safe!

7. Coin Purse

Make your own coin purse!

6. Art

Jeans Art is amazing!

5. Oven Mitt

For different hand sizes!

4. Bib

You can use the jeans for your toddler too.

3. Potholder

Kind of unique, don’t you think?

2. Wallet

We want one!

1. Apron

Ah, good going mate!