Wonderful Engineering

Make This Amazing Super Mario Bros Themed Bed For Your Cat In A Few Easy Steps

Do you own a cat and loved video games as a child? Nonetheless, you will appreciate what this team from catastrophic reactions did for the cat. The idea was to build a bed for cat and it has been pulled off brilliantly.

The project began with a Styrofoam sphere which was hollow.

Some more Styrofoam has been cut into the shape of teeth.

The spheres were covered in matte to impart sturdiness.

The top half was placed in position and next step was painting it.

The cat bed was painted black and a number of epoxy layers were added as well.

Teeth being affixed.

Say hello to the chain chomp monster from Super Mario Bros 3

The cat doesn’t mind the teeth.

It was supposed to be a litter box, however, since the design wasn’t good for cleaning, the team went on to make this as a bed.