This Russian Guy Had A Boring Office & Some Defected Books. What He Did With Them Is Brilliant

All of us have different ways of dealing with our boring office walls. Some of us stack them with family snaps and achievement pictures to get love and motivation, others fill them with the stuff used in their hobbies, sports balls, etc. But one Russian guy Dimitry totally nailed wall decoration with his incredible vision. While working at a publishing house, he gets to see truckloads of damaged books going to the burners every other day. So he began to think of a use for them and that’s where he struck gold.

Here is his pillar. Horribly plain isn’t it?

The poor victims of mass printing

The saw band he used for cutting books.

Cut them up and stack them down

Now he starts working on the wall. You get the general idea?

Stacking up his wall

Finished design

Books protruding from the wall! Everywhere!


So do try this if you want books on your wall but make sure they are only defected books!