Guy Bought 9000 Sticky Notes As He Was Bored Of His Office. The Result Is Incredible.


Mr. John Doe was bored of seeing the dull walls of his office everyday. So he decided to bring about a change. For this, he purchased 9000 sticky notes from the stationery shop and started off this DIY project with the help of his co-workers.

This is the office that was chosen for the project.


The walls are all white and dull, as seen below.


The guy bought 9000 of these Post-it notes. Given that most office administrations are not comfortable with the idea of paints to be used on the office walls, post-it notes seems to be the ideal solution. 


The team marked the designs on the walls with the help of tape and started posting notes as per the design. 


The idea was to make the walls showcase iconic super heroes.


With an overall blue Post-it background, the icons stood out as they were all designed by the workers themselves.


See the different combinations: the blue and yellow backgrounds look amazing and eye catching at the same time.


As more and more icons completed, people from all over the office started to volunteer and join in.


And then they had enough people taking interest and this additional work-force helped improve the pace at which the work was done.


So here is what the finished walls look like.


Cool. No?


A much more colorful and better work environment.


Who would notice until they look closely that these walls are not actually painted?


The overall look is just amazing!


The team’s morale looks extremely high. Cheers to the them!


You can also work on this project for your home. It is worth the effort. The ideas can vary, these office workers chose superheroes, you can think about different things and maybe your idea might look much better than this, who knows! So go on and gear up all your energy for this amazing project.

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  1. SwaSwati Reply

    Very nice and creative i like this idea it’s very colourful. Very nice though of those bored guys. That’s the creativity.

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