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7 Simple Tricks You Can Use To Take Great Photos

Photography can be an expensive hobby and buying the camera alone is not enough to get the greatest photos. You also need additional equipment, which is mostly also expensive. But here are seven simple photography hacks that will greatly improve your photos without greatly reducing your wallet.

1. Bokeh Hack

Cut desired shape out of cardboard. Attach to lens with tape. Shutter Speed 1/200. f 1,8. ISO 320.


2. Arty Filter Hack

Get arty. Tear coloured polythene bags and place them over lens.

3. The Vaseline Hack

Screw filter on lens. Create amazing Vaseline vignette.


4. The Flash Diffuser Hack

Create a flash diffuser using a plastic tub, transparent paper, tin foil and a cutter. Attach on top of flash. The flash diffuser fills out shadows.

5. String Hack

Tie string to mount to create a simple and easy to handle tripod.

6. ND Filter Hack

Mount welding glass with elastic bands. Shutter Speed 15. f 4,0. ISO 250.

7. Timelapse Rig Hack

Attach GoPro Camera to egg timer. Set timer. Create moving time-lapse.

See how to use these hacks in a video here: