18 Life Hacks You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without

life saving hacks (6)

Make you life easier and smoother with these amazing life saving hacks. Check these out and let us know your favourite ones in the comments section below

18. Re-heat your last night pizza without making it chewy

life saving hacks (4)

Warm up your over-night pizza without making it chewy by putting a glass of water with it in a microwave oven. Pleasurable for your tummy.

17. Who likes a watered down ice-coffee? Do you, Of course not

life saving hacks (6)

Freeze your ice-coffee in ice tray, This will not water down your coffee.

16. Wrinkle free shirts without ironing.

life saving hacks (3)

Put your shirt into a dryer with some ice cubes, and then see the magic. Ta DA..!! Wrinkle free shirt. Amazing isn’t it

15. Pan is all you need for a grill cheese

life saving hacks (1)

You can use a simple pan for grilled cheese, it will give you the same taste.

14. Don’t hurt your fingers anymore while using a hammer.

life saving hacks (8)

Using a cloth pin to hold a nail while hammering, This will greatly reduce chance of hurting your thumb.

13. Take picture of a friend whom you have loaned things to

life saving hacks (9)

Now you can keep track of all your lent items using this simple life hack.

12. Finish up with buns, then give pickles a try

life saving hacks (11)

Try a pickle instead of a bun and enjoy great taste

11. A key=cork opener

life saving hacks (15)

Fix a key at a 45 degree angle in a cork, twist it and pull it up. Enjoy your drinks.

10. Fasten up your charging

life saving hacks (1)

While charging your cell put it on flight mode or airplane mode, it will charge twice it’s actual speed. Remember to switch off the flight mode for use.

09. Want to avoid cramps while running.? Then follow this hack

life saving hacks (5)

When your left foot is on ground then exhale, this will reduce cramps while running.

08. Don’t exhaust yourself, use your wrist while playing Frisbee

life saving hacks (7)

Try playing a frisbee with straight throws, this will not exhaust you as you straight throws are achieved with wrist actions.

07. Get yourself the most amazing home entertainment system

life saving hacks (1)

Use a toilet paper tube and plastic cups to amplify the sounds and get yourself the most cheap and innovative sound system.

06. Clean your keyboards with the help of a tape

life saving hacks (10)

Use a tape to clean the hazardous material inside your keyboards. The tape will clean the hardest to reach places.

05. Use a foil sheet to fit AAA batteries

life saving hacks (12)

You can fit in the AAA batteries on a AA battery size by applying foil sheets n + pole.

04. Write it and learn more quickly

life saving hacks (16)

Students who note down the lecture retain more information and score more marks in exams.

03. No more crying over your onions

life saving hacks (13)

Soak onion into cold water for 30 seconds and chop up your onions without crying.

02. Poke the hole in coffee cup lid for better coffee

life saving hacks (2)

Poke a hole in the coffee cup lid to improve your drinking experience

01. Keep your sink clean from the beard trimming

life saving hacks (14)

Put a newspaper on the sink while trimming your beard. No more messy bathrooms.




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