Ukrainian Guy Builds His Own Lamborghini Reventon From Scratch


Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t dream of speeding away in a Lamborghini? Oleg Hrycak from Lviv in Ukraine spent four years of his life bringing his dream car to reality.

Hrycak has built the limited edition Lamborghini Reventon. He admitted that it was ‘a lot of work’ but totally worth it because he didn’t have to part with a whopping $2 million for the actual ride!

Hrycak has been working as a designer at an automotive factory in Ukraine where he learned fiber glass modeling. He decided to put his knowledge to use and built a luxury drive for himself.


Image Source: YouTube


Using the chassis of an old Audi A8 sedan, he modified it to ensure that the fiberglass exterior of Lamborghini Reventon could fit it. He moved the 4.2liter, 200 horsepower Audi engine to the back of his self-designed car to power the rear wheels. The finishing touch was the scissor doors, emblematic of the Lamborghini Reventon.

Hrycak build the car himself, in his spare time. He said that he took on the project to prove that anything is possible if you set your mind to it!



However, even the DIY Lamborghini Reventon does not come in cheap! Hrycak and his family had to give up many luxuries like vacations, and new furniture or appliances for their home. On the up side, Hrycak gave up drinking and smoking to save for his pet project! Although his wife didn’t understand why he was so passionate about the project, she is happy that he managed to achieve his goal!

Hrycak claims that his DIY Lamborghini Reventon tops at 240 km/hr, but he still has to complete the paperwork before he hits the streets!

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