14 Bathroom Hacks That Will Change Your Life


How do you enhance your bathroom experience? Well, yeah you don’t need to spend much time over there but you can greatly improve the little time that you do spend over there by simply making use of some tricks and tips that we have compiled for you, check them out below!

14. Sticky Shower Curtain

bathroom lifehack

Apply some Vaseline on it to remove the stickiness.

13. Cleaning Hard to Reach places13. Cleaning Hard to Reach places

Make use of straws to vacuum the hard to reach places and toilet bowl.

12. Fabric Softener Sheets

shower glass door cleaning

Use these to effectively get rid of the soap scum on shower glass door.

11. Unclogging Drains11. Unclogging Drains

Make use of Alka-Seltzer tablets in order to unclog your drain.

10. Airflow10. Airflow

Make sure that there is space at both ends of your shower curtains or the glass door to prevent that ‘stuck’ feeling!

9. Wrinkles9. Wrinkles

Here’s a quick fix to help you out with clothes that have wrinkles; place them in bathroom while you shower and believe us you’d want to thank us loads later – you’re welcome!

8. Improvise8. Improvise

Shower curtains need to be in place and those bottles are just lying around, need we say more?

7. Smart Storage7. Smart Storage

Install a magnetic strip behind the cabinet doors and let the metallic objects stick to the strip.

6. Rust marks6. Rust marks

Try placing the shaving foam cans upside down or apply a coat of nail polish (clear) at the bottom rim of the can to prevent that rust mark from forming.

5. Music in Bathroom5. Music in Bathroom

Make sure that your faucet does not leak and that the sink is dry; now place your phone in the sink while you shower and enjoy your own bathroom audio system!

4. Plunger4. Plunger

Use Petroleum Jelly to keep your plunger in perfect condition and for it to exhibit great sucking abilities.

3. Pumice Stone3. Pumice Stone

Here, use this pumice scouring stick that will clean the bathroom facilities of the Lyme stains.

2. Foggy mirror?2. Foggy mirror

If the mirror is starting to become foggy while you’re shaving, simply clean it with the shaving cream and you’d be amazed at the result.

1. Shower heads1. Shower heads

Shower heads tend to clog overtime; wrap it in a plastic with vinegar inside and let it sit overnight. The next day, enjoy the full blast of water from the shower head.



  1. Jitu Reply

    This bathroom hacks have made me stick longer in the bathroom than before ! Thanks guys.

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