Guy Coverts An Old Boeing 727 Into His Home


Usually everyone has the dream of building a dream home and then live it, such was the case with Bruce Campbell who in his early 20’s acquired about 10 acres of the Oregon Woods and had a peculiar idea of building his home using freight vans. However, this idea changed when he heard about a hairdresser in Mississippi who had purchased a retired plane to transform it into a living place. This gave inspiration to Bruce and he bought the Boeing 727 for $200,000. Bruce, a 64 year old now, has been living in this home since 1999 for 6 months every year.

Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home5

Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home6 Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home2

Campbell restored the plane while he was still living out of a mobile van home that later became infested with mice and despite not having a building permit. The airplane was raised and its body was rested on wooden pillars. Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home

As of now, he is busy in trying to bring some of the plane’s original features back online. These features include the cockpit, flight stairs, LED lighting and even a functional lavatory. He is also aiming to get a few of the seats working while he himself sleeps on a futon and takes bath in an improvised shower. His food is usually cereal and the canned food that he can prepare easily by making use of microwave and toaster. Any guests are requested to take of their shoes in order to keep the dirt out of plane’s premises.Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home3

Katie Braun, flight instructor and pilot, visited this home cum plane in 2012 and stated; ‘It makes perfect sense that they use those airplanes for something. It’s a fascinating concept. I think it could gain traction if people were more environmental.’Boeing 727 is this Guy’s Home4

Bruce is currently trying to move an old Boeing 747 to Japan and spend the half of his year there. Let’s see how that pans out for him.


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