20 DIY Projects With Balloons That Will Change the Way You Look At Them

Balloon DIY11

Balloons are generally seen as party decorations and attractions throughout the world. They don’t serve any other purpose than making anyone happy. That should be good enough for us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at them in different ways and make they last more time and twice more fun. Here we present you with 20 simple DIYs that will make change the way how you perceive any balloon.

1. Angry or stressed? Make a Ninja Stress Ball

Balloon DIY20

2. Make this awesome fruit-filled garland

Balloon DIY18

3. Different kinds of bowls can be made.

Balloon DIY17

4. This Confetti Bowl is one of them

Balloon DIY16

5. Halloween Candy bowls made from balloons

Balloon DIY21

6. Or even one of these chocolate bowls

Balloon DIY15-1

7. These button bowls

Balloon DIY14

8. These made from yarn are fabulous too

Balloon DIY13

9. Hoist your fondest memories from previous birthdays from a bunch of balloons

Balloon DIY12

10. These Doily balloons mean to continuously fed by hot air are beautiful. They can even serve as lanterns!

Balloon DIY11

11. These round ornaments made from yarn will add uniqueness to any party decorations

Balloon DIY10

12. These lit up balls of yarn also add another dimension to how balloons can be used.

Balloon DIY9

13. These balloon puppies are cute enough to go with any kind of party.

Balloon DIY8

14. Same is the case for these drums

Balloon DIY7

15. This fabric-based Easter basket is beautiful as well.

Balloon DIY6

16. Water balloons are good for a water fight but freezing them can prove useful while keeping drinks cooled.

Balloon DIY5

17. Add LED lights in your colored balloons to make the awesome yet cheap lighting for parties.

Balloon DIY4

18. Add cool shades and colors to your jars.

Balloon DIY3

19. This Fire and Ice Lantern is awesome as well.

Balloon DIY2

20. You can dunk them into donuts too.

Balloon DIY

Follow the links to make these cool DIYs using balloons. These joyous outcomes of balloons will evoke an even stronger attachment towards them since they aren’t just floating air-filled bladders anymore.


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