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20 Uses Of Everyday Items You Didn’t Know About

We make use of a plethora of items on a daily basis. We have hardwired our brains in a specific way, causing us to see only a particular use that is associated with every item. However, many times these items can perform more than just a singular task. Check out the following list where you will learn an amazing alternate use for 20 common items that you are already making use of!

You can make use of the flaps on each side of a juice box for holding. This helps you prevent the juice from falling all over the new carpet. Especially useful hack for parents with small children!

Ever wondered why there’s a huge hole in the middle of pasta spoons? If you were to fill it with uncooked spaghetti, the filled amount would suffice for a meal.

Many frying pans that you own feature a hole at the end of their handle. That hole can be used for holding dirty spoon or spatula thus helping you keep your counter clean.

It can be quite a hassle, eating your Chinese food from a small and tall cardboard box. You can make it much easier by simply unfolding the sides of the box and making it into a plate.

Many believe that the drawer located at the bottom of the oven is intended for pan storage. However, it also doubles up as a place where you can keep your side dishes warm while you are waiting for the main courses to cook.

The little arrow next to the gas pump on your vehicle’s fuel gauge helps you know where the fuel cap is located.

The fuel door of the car has a holder for the fuel cap. Instead of letting it dangle, make use of the holder.

The little bumps on your keyboard’s F and J keys are intended for your fingers while they rest in between typing.

The hooks in your cart can help you with the organization and when it comes to keeping certain grocery items separated.

Are you also perplexed about the little piece of fabric that you get when you buy clothes? This piece of fabric is supposed to work as a tester for determining which detergent and softener and will work best with the actual cloth.

The TicTac features a built-in dispenser that can be used for sharing the mini mints.

Do you own a backpack with a diamond-like patch? You can use it for hanging your cap or shoes that don’t fit inside the backpack.

When you are at a fast food joint, make use of the sides of the ketchup cup for expanding it. It will fit twice as much ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, hot sauce, or whatever kind of dip you want!

Are you in a rush and need that ketchup to go? Grab an extra cup lid and turn it upside down to transform it into a perfect bowl for dipping your fries while you are driving.

The Heinz ketchup bottles have a raised number 57 on the glass that is a subtle reminder to the 57 varieties that it offers. The number also indicates where you should tap to get the sauce moving.

When you are in need of a can of soda after enjoying the salty fast food, stick the straw in the soda tab’s hole while you sip away the amazing beverage.

Aluminum foil can prove to be quite tricky when you are trying to get a clean section. However, you can make it easy by popping the sides of the box while the roll is inside thus making sure that it remains in place no matter how many sheets you need to pull away.

Did you know that you can peel off the layer that has already been on a nail file to reveal a fresh one?

You can make use of the pudding or the yogurt cup for creating a reasonably good spoon!

People believe that since the end on the jagged side sticks out upwards; it must face out. However, the truth is that the bumps on that side will be able to keep your hair in place much easier if it’s facing down.