Chinese DIY Expert Uses Food For Repairing Everyday Items

Chinese DIY Enthusiast, Xiubandrng, Uses Food For Repairing Items!

A Chinese DIY lover has become the sensation of the Internet thanks to his bizarre approach to household problems and how he solves them. The guy, also known as Xiubandrng on Chinese video upload platform Douyin, makes use of foods such as instant noodles, rice, and Oreo cookies, for fixing different pieces of furniture so expertly that they look as good as new.

The unorthodox Chinese handyman has been impressing the Chinese fans for months now but was only recently introduced to the Western users of the Internet. He made his debut with an exceptional feat of his DIY skills where he can be seen fixing a sink that had broken by making use of dry noodles and glue. As would be expected, the video became a hit on different social networks. He simply fills the hole in the sink using noodles, adds some glue to the mix, and then smoothens it out using an abrasive strip followed by painting the whole thing white. Once he is done, the sink looks as good as new!

The sink repair video by Xiubandrng had millions of people in awe, but it turns out that this was just one display of his amazing feat and that there are a couple of more videos that he has uploaded during the past few months. In another video, Xiubandrng uses rice, glue, paint, and varnish to bring back a sofa handle that was damaged extensively back to life. Another video of Xiubandrng shows the Chinese handyman fixing wooden furniture with minced tobacco and glue. Another one shoes him taking care of business with eggs and biscuits. Apparently, there is nothing that this guy cannot fix using food and glue!

Xiubandrng is 41 years old and is from Qingdao. He was already a minor celebrity in China with hundreds of thousands of fans before his videos made their way to the West. However, he is now taking over the Western social media with his unconventional repairing techniques as well!

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