Here’s How You Can Make A Realistic Storm Cloud At Home

Check Out This Amazing Storm Cloud 3

A storm has quite a charm to it, right? It’s almost majestic and divine the way clouds light up in the never-ending glory every time lightning makes contact. How would you feel if you had access to such scenario every time that you wanted minus rain?

The amazing DIY project by YouTuber TiffyQuake allows you to enjoy storm any time you want. The project makes use of cheap materials to create this amazingly stunning cloud light. The light was created using a centerpiece for a baby shower, however, you can make one for any occasion or room. You’ll need some paper lanterns, a hot glue gun, cotton batting, fishing string, glue sticks and twinkling LED lights.

You have to hot-glue the cotton to a white paper lantern. Check Out This Amazing Storm Cloud

You need to do this with varying sized lanterns for creating a cloud shape that is convincing.

Now you need to hang these at the desired location using the fishing string. Check Out This Amazing Storm Cloud 2

Incorporate twinkling LEDs through for a rainy effect. Check Out This Amazing Storm Cloud 3

Check out the tutorial for this DIY project below!

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