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Here Are 10 Fashion Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Things tend to go wrong at the eleventh hour, right? You are about to walk out of the door to attend a party and a fashion emergency arises. Well, here is a list of some hacks that you can use to tackle such situations and save yourself from embarrassment.

10. Make use of ice bags to stretch your small shoes.

9. If your clothes have wrinkles, give them a spin in a dryer with a wet sock.

8. Use hair straightener for a quick collar touch up.

7. Use vinegar when washing jeans for the first time to have them last longer.

6. Use salt to soak up a stain of red wine.

5. Use baby powder to remove oil stains.

4. Place jeans overnight in the freezer to reduce the bad smell if you can’t wash them.

3. Use paper clips to tuck bra straps in.

2. Use glue gun when you’re in a pinch.

1. Alternative to drawstring; straw.