40 Life Hacks That Will Make You More Classy And Stylish

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Life hacks are gaining popularity over the internet for helping people solve first world problems and make their daily routines easier. But life hacks can also be used to make you feel and look better with some basic knowledge and creativity. Here are 40 life hacks that will make you more stylish.

1. Use a graphite pencil to lubricate the teeth of stuck zippers.

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2. A keyring can be used to keep the zipper on your pants up.

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3. Apply Windex to a Q-tip and use it to lubricate jammed zippers without damaging your clothes.

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4. Twist ties can be used as makeshift substitutions for cuff links.

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5. Use wooden rods and some twine to make a simple coat rack.

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6. Use a towel to take clothes out of the dryer and make sure nothing gets left behind.

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7. Use a dilute detergent solution to remove toothpaste stains on clothes.

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8. These can be used to blot oil from a greasy face.

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9. Brew Earl Grey tea in warm water and soak a washcloth in it to treat sunburns.

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10. Turn a suit jacket inside out before you fold it and pack it to avoid creases and wrinkles.

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11. Remember the style numbers of your favorite clothes so you can easily replace them.

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12. A straw can be used to easily rethread a drawstring.

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13. Air drying socks gives them a longer life.

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14. Use a safety pin to keep a pair of socks together in the washing machine so you don’t have to pair them up again.

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15. Check the fitting of a button down shirt by sitting down and making sure its not too tight.

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16. Use a shower cap to cover the soles of your shoes so you can pack them with your clothes without dirtying your clothes.

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17. Use a women’s razor to get rid of pilling on a sweater.

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18. A pumice stone can also be used to remove pilling.

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19. Steel pipes and a wooden board can be used to make a functional clothes rack.

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20. A pin can be used as a quick fix for a missing button.

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21. Use a paper clip to make an emergency tie clip.

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22. Let oxford shirts air dry to give them a casual, slightly wrinkled look (because they look better that way).

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23. Newspapers can be used to absorb the moisture and odor inside of shoes.

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24. Tie your tie into a knot the night before work so you just have to tighten it in the morning.

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25. Use a lint-roller to clean the inside of your bag.

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26. Use Velcro to make sure your pockets stay closed and you don’t lose things while travelling. 

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27. Hand sanitizer is great for dissolving ink stains. Wash after applying.

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28. Hair conditioner and warm water can be used to stretch out shrunken shirts.

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29. Remember the measurements of your hands so you have a permanent ruler.

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30. Place your fist and elbow in the waist of pants to judge if they’ll fit.

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31. To release wrinkles from clothing, use a mixture of vinegar and fabric softener in a spray bottle.

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32. Look for extra fabric in the seat of pants to know if they can be let out.

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33. Use foil as a replacement for dryer sheets.

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34. Fold clothes and store them in file format to utilize maximum drawer space.

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35. Don’t wash clothes after one wear to increase their life. Your eyes and nose will tell you when they need a wash.

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36. Button up the top button of a shirt when hanging it to avoid floppy collars.

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37. Wash canvas shoes in the washing machine and leave them out in the air to dry.

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38. Travel light with the basic necessities. Your bag should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight.

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39. Wrap the waistband of pants around your neck. If the ends meet, the pants will most likely fit you.

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40. Handwash sweaters with baby shampoo

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  1. Drew Reply

    These are all such great tips! I had never thought of using foil instead of a dryer sheet but that is a really good idea. Thanks for sharing.

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