34 Home Improvement Tips That are Simply Brilliant!!

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For those of you looking to upgrade your home and make it more efficient while looking good, you don’t have to spend large amounts of time and money on renovations if you plan it out smartly. These 34 simple home improvement ideas are cost effective and well worth the buck when you see the difference they make in your home.

1. You can never have enough space in your kitchen, and the more conveniently placed those storage areas are, the less time you have to spend cooking. That’s why you can turn your counters into a storage space.

home_improvements (34)

2. Installing a dog bath in the entry way or mud room is an efficient way of keeping the rest of the house clean by letting anyone who comes in clean themselves off first and leave wet clothes before they drip all around the house.

home_improvements (33)

3. An outdoor shower is a real convenience for beach houses or even for regular homes. If you and your family are outdoor people, this shower is a must.

home_improvements (32)

4. Installing mirrored tiles in a room without any windows makes it look more roomy. This works especially well for bathrooms.

home_improvements (31)

5. Building drawers in the space between wall studs, utilizes otherwise wasted space. And it is also an easy to reach place so the drawers will most definitely be used by everyone around the house.

home_improvements (30)

6. Instead of having entire stools that take up too much space and have to be dragged around the kitchen, install these hinged versions for space saving and easy use.

home_improvements (29)

7. Use a slide-away step instead of a step stool so that your kids can use it without any fuss and you won’t have to move it out of the way every time you use the sink.

home_improvements (28)

8. Unused kitchen drawers can be used as cutting boards that can be hidden when not in use. This technique also saves you from the hassle of having to locate the cutting board all the time.

home_improvements (27)

9. Hiding appliances behind sliding doors, not only saves space but also looks great. Having a hidden coffee making station in the kitchen will impress every guest.

home_improvements (26)

10. The porch is usually a neglected part of the house, but you can upgrade its appearance by simply adding a chandelier for lighting.

home_improvements (25)

11. Stainless steel contact paper not only makes your appliances look new, but also provide an easy to clean surface. The overall look of your kitchen will be a lot neater.

home_improvements (24)

12. The foundation of your home should not be left neglected. Decorate it to give your entire home a more sophisticated and refined look.

home_improvements (23)

13. A sun tunnel is a great way to provide natural lighting to rooms that have no windows. It also saves power by using outdoor light so you don’t have to switch on a light.

home_improvements (22)

14. A window seat will make the staircase landing less boring and also provide a place to relax as well as a place for storing shoes and other things underneath.

home_improvements (21)

15. Use a sign to mark your bathroom and make it easier for guests to find it.

home_improvements (20)

16. Use modern style fonts to mark your mailbox and house number to bring yourself out of the old decade. This will for sure make an impression on the visitors. 

home_improvements (19)

17. Instead of carelessly throwing the cleaning equipment in a closet, make a small cabinet so that equipment is organized and easily accessible. 

home_improvements (18)

18. Bunk beds are outdated. Install these murphy beds into your kids’ room to give a more classy look and save loads of space. 

home_improvements (17)

19. If you have a long hallway then you have a lot of potential in terms of space saving and great looks. One way to utilize the area is to install a long shelf to save space and give the dull hallway an improved look.

home_improvements (16)

20. A small tunnel can be used to connect two rooms and allow you to keep an eye on the kids with great ease. It also lets the kids travel between rooms without worrying about doors.

home_improvements (15)

21. In the case when your garage is adjacent to your kitchen, you can add a small door to make it a whole lot easier to unload groceries.

home_improvements (14)

22. Instead of cabinets, use slide out drawers for your spices and pantry items. These make it easier to reach things in the back and you won’t have to take out every bottle and jar to get one out.

home_improvements (13)

23. A great way to improve your backsplash and give it a neater look, is to install the outlets underneath your cabinets. This will also save space because you won’t have to worry about blocking the outlets.

home_improvements (12)

24. You can also install outlets into drawers to keep the walls clean and also provide people with simple and secure charging stations for their mobile devices.

home_improvements (11)

25. Recessed outlets will allow you to put your furniture right up against the wall without having to leave any space for a plug. This also gives a neater look when they are well hidden.

home_improvements (10)

26. A half-table in the bathroom will make a huge difference by giving you extra storage space that is easily accessible and also looks good. 

home_improvements (9)

27. Heat-sensitive tiles look good once they are installed, giving your shower an updated look. Great for nerds who love science. 

home_improvements (8)

28. The toilet seat is an old design, and this new version is a great update. Different tabs provide different sizes so you don’t have to worry about your kids falling in again. 

home_improvements (7)

29. Dutch doors will let you keep an eye on the kids or pets inside a room while also keeping the baby or toddler in one place. You won’t have to install a baby gate in any room if you have these.

home_improvements (6)

30. Collapsible drying racks are a smart way to save space that could easily go wasted. They also look good and give your kitchen a much neater look.

home_improvements (5)

31. Fake drawers are a waste of space and they can be used to hide conveniently placed outlets as shown below. This means you don’t have to have exposed outlets in your kitchen.

home_improvements (4)

32. Another use for the fake drawers. This use is more functional and there are a lot more other uses that you can come up with for this obvious waste in space.

home_improvements (3)

33. Conventional showers are dull and boring. Give your shower a unique look by installing a unique shower head like the one shown below.

home_improvements (2)

34. Share the gift of knowledge by installing a small public library that your neighbors can use. This will for sure make you popular in your neighborhood.

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    The shower head pictured above looks like something out of my dreams, and now I have to look into where I could get one. I’ve always wanted a big, luxurious shower head, but most of the ones that I’ve seen were just one, big shower head. I like the look of how this one is essentially a lot of little shower heads combined to make one, awesome one.

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