Chinese Scrapyard Staff Create Transformers Out Of Junk

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One day, the staff at a Chinese scrapyard decided to make a Transformer statue using the metal junk around them. After building a life-size Autobot that attracted the attention of many people, the team decided to keep building these statues and built over 40 transformers in 4 months.

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The scrapyard has become a tourist attraction with its famous statue replicas. It is located on a remote farmhouse on top of a hill, in Jinan City, Eastern China’s Shangdong Province. It is an amazing sight to see these giants marking the horizon as you drive up the hill. The first of the transformers robots was built by 21-year old Li Hung, who is a PR and marketing student working at the scrapyard.

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The spectacular statues have attracted not only tourists, but also many customers to the scrapyard. With such a positive response, Li decided to build a second robot and was assisted by his coworkers this time. After that, they haven’t stopped building the giant robot statues. The workers, who are simple farmers, start by downloading images of the robot from the Internet. They then use their own imagination to put together different parts to form one statue.

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The robots created by the staff include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron among other Transformers robots. The largest of the robots is 60 meters tall and weighs an estimated 5 tonnes. The robots are made from the enormous supply of scrap metal that the employees have access to, and the limbs can actually move. The best part is that the robots are for sale, with each one priced at about 100,000 yuan ($16,000).

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