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Watch This Guy Make A Cotton T-Shirt From Scratch By Growing Cotton

This is the ultimate DIY project by How To Make Everything YouTube channel, but we must warn you; it is complicated and very time-consuming. And we don’t mean time-consuming like you will be spending next the four weekends trying to complete it but rather years. The YouTube user completed the project in three years.

You will have to plan for the long-term if you wish to undertake this amazing DIY project. How To Make Everything took a total of three years for completing this project. The video by How To Make Everything that we have featured will walk you through every little step from the growing of cotton to dyeing and finishing process as well. What is the project about? The YouTube user, How To Make Everything, will grow, design, and dye his own cotton t-shirt.

If you are among those who are fascinated by the idea of purely organic or creating something from scratch for yourself, then this video by How To Make Everything is for you. In order to make a cotton shirt, you will be needing. The host of the YouTube channel not only grew the cotton plants that were needed for his shirt but also the plant dyes that he utilized for the completion of the project. This goes to show just how committed the YouTube user was to the project, and it is with such commitment that he was able to pull this project off.

The YouTube user will be walking you through the entire process, which is complex, that is required for creating a cotton t-shirt that is the most commonly used piece of clothing in the world. Before you move forward, though; this DIY project will cost you $5,000, so it might be a good idea to buy a cotton t-shirt instead of making yourself one simply. However, the serious DIY-ers already know they want to try this!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!