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Will Your Air Mattress Fly if You Fill It With Helium? This Guy Tries It Out

Here’s an important question that we are sure must have crossed the minds of many of you; can you make an air mattress float if you fill it up with helium? Will it make your bed float? The possibilities do seem endless, don’t they? However, don’t get too excited because The Action Lab, YouTube chancel, decided to try this theory out.

The end result? The miracle didn’t happen, and the mattress didn’t float. Yeah, we are about as bummed out as you are after hearing this. It should also be noted that the experiment by The Action Lab was also in jeopardy much before it could happen. That is because of the national helium shortage. Ah yes, that is right; helium is actually a byproduct of natural gas, and a big chunk of our natural gas gets sources from Qatar – the country facing an intricate regional crisis.

The host of The Action Lab was still able to procure tanks that contained 80% helium and 20% air. He then proceeded to pump a double bed mattress using the mixture. However, it doesn’t float. It does, however, get super-light and quite bouncy.

Let’s stop talking about the experiment conducted by The Action Lab and come back to the helium shortage; it exists because of a set of quite interesting reasons. The first reason is that up until the mid-1990s, the USA was operating a big helium storage facility that supported the government.

In 1996, the federal government decided that the storage of gases should be handed over to the private sector ever since volatility has existed in the market. Helium is actually a very crucial gas that is used in different scientific research projects and processes. That is why the shortage can have adverse effects on scientific advancement. The current shortage is in part of because of the ongoing blockade by Saudi Arabia against Qatar. For those who don’t know; Qatar is among the largest producers of Helium.

Check out the video by The Action Lab below where you can see the project being carried out. Do let us know what you think of this video by The Action Lab.

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