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Here Are 21 Ways You Can Reuse Old Ladder In Creative Ways

We all have the ladder in our garages and basements. Throwing it away seems like a very difficult decision to make, however, with a bit of creativity you can make it quite useful again. Check out the list we have compiled for you that will help you transform the old ladder of yours into something super cool.

21. Check out the avant-garde Christmas tree that you can make using a ladder.

20. Check out the advent calendar that is crafty and festive at the same time.

19. You can also chop a ladder and have pots and pans hanged from it.

18. The pots and pans can be placed on the new ladder home.

17. Make use of a tiny ladder to create a picture frame.

16. This is such an amazing idea.

15. Create a cool floating piece by making use of the top part of the ladder.

14. Check out the wraparound bookshelf to have the room tied up.

13. Upcycle the old ladder into an amazing blue planter.

12. The ladder can also be repurposed to keep all of your shoes.

11. You will most probably require professional help for this one.

10. Transform your outdoor space by hanging lanterns to the ladder.

9. You can transform the painter’s ladder into a bath shelf!

8. Make it a home for your jewelry.

7. Laundry racks anyone?

6. Time to get fancy folks!

5. Turning the ladder into a shelf pays off quite well.

4. Adding hanging baskets to a ladder can help you get extra storage.

3. Check out the blanket ladder.

2. Creating a wardrobe is another option.

1. Transforming it into a canopy is quite an adorable idea that you can make use of.

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