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Here Is How You Can Turn Water Into Ice In A Few Seconds

Water to ice instantly

Well not technically ice, it still qualifies as a slush which is a mixture of ice and water. In this Youtube video, you can see how we can convert purified super cooled water into a slush mixture at our will. The purity of the water needs to be determined and ensured because otherwise, water has many impurities and as a result, it won’t freeze and defreeze at the temperatures we want it to. We recommend that you use bottled water for this purpose because in it, the purity is more or less guaranteed. Here is how you can achieve this instantaneous icing and what use you can put it into:


So, you can enjoy slush in your own home with the a little lemonade/cranberry/orange juice on top! Or maybe start a vending machine in your garage but lets not get ahead of ourselves!