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Guy Gathered Coins For One Year. What He Made Next Cannot Be Bought With Money

We usually end up taking our pennies to the bank to get crispy notes in return or we tend to lose them too often. However, this guy decided to make an innovative use of pennies by coming up with something absolutely wonderful. Check out the project and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Can you imagine this table being a DIY project?

The project starts with a solid core birch door measuring 80”x32”.

The layer of sating will allow you to bring the wood’s color out while the trimmed edges help make sure everything stays in place.

Bring the door inside now.

The next step involves sorting out pennies!

Loctite is recommended for the adhesive use, however, any other superglue can be used too.

Here comes the pattern – block by block and penny by penny.

Use a diagonal through-line to ensure that the pattern is on track.

Use a bench grinder to cut any pennies that don’t line up.

The angles used should be 30-60-90 with the diagonal making a 30 degrees angle from the center line and a 60 degree angle from the front edge.

For uneven spaces, simply measure and cut the pennies.

Aviation snips are the option to go with!

Pennies created after 1982 are easier to cut as opposed to older pennies with higher copper concentration.

The pattern is finally coming together now!

Here you can see it being completed almost.

You will need a two-stage epoxy that is used for bar table tops. It has a resin and an activator which are mixed twice and then set.

Make use of a hairdryer to ensure the removal of bubbles and also to make the pennies look as if they are below a layer of water.

The table weighs in at a little over 110 pounds.

Just for the sake of fun, one penny has the tails side up!