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15 Useful Hacks For Organizing Your Garage

Garage is the name given to a disaster zone and who would disagree to the fact that most of us avoid going there due to the mess. It usually is filled with stuff that is no longer used or the stuff that would look bad out in the open. This leads to the point of frustration where you can no longer find the item you need in a hurry. We have compiled this list of 15 hacks that will allow you to organize your garage – like a boss!

15. Divided containers keep everything in place.

14. Make use of magnets for keeping drill bits, nails and screws in place.

13. Build your own cabinets.

12. Install a trusty pegboard.

11. Paper towel holder can store large garbage bag rolls!

10. Tin cans can store and save space!

9. Overhead Storage!

8. Wheels on cabinets will allow changes in configuration easily.

7. Craft huge shelves by using this amazing idea.

6. Hang the ladder from ceiling!

5. A wooden bin can be used for storage of oddly shaped items.

4. Wire baskets can add space.

3. Putting a label will make your life easy!

2. DIY Tape dispenser!

1. Use peanut butter jars for storing screws and nail. These jars can be screwed to the bottom of a shelf.