This Guy Is Building The World’s Largest Coin Pyramid

Corey Nielsen Is Building the World’s Largest Coin Pyramid

A middle-aged main from Tolleson, Arizona set out on a journey about three years ago. The journey’s goal was to create the world’s largest pyramid, using stacked pennies. The man’s name is Corey Nielsen and what started off as a dream, is approaching reality!

Corey Nielsen Is Building the World’s Largest Coin Pyramid

When Corey Nielsen started building the world’s largest pyramid, he only had a few thousand coins. However, during the course of three years, he has managed to move closer and closer to his goal. As of now, the record for the world’s largest coin pyramid is held by Vytautas Jakštas and Domas Jokubauskis. The duo built a pyramid of stacked pennies using 1,000,935 coins back in 2014 in the small Baltic country of Lithuania while celebrating the adoption of the euro.

Corey Nielsen who also goes by the title of Penny Building Fool on YouTube has claimed in one of his videos that the current record holders had a team of 100 people working on the pyramid whereas he is working alone to build a much bigger pyramid of stacked pennies. He has built smaller penny pyramids before, but this is a much larger project. It took him daily work on the project for a total of three years to bring his pyramid to its current size.

Corey Nielsen Is Building the World’s Largest Coin Pyramid

Corey Nielsen is about 100,000 pennies away from breaking the existing world record. He has been sharing his progress using videos that he periodically uploads on YouTube to show how far he has come during the last three years. The base of his pyramid stands with 65×65 rows of stacked pennies. As of right now, his pyramid features 938,322 stacked pennies that are worth $10,000 with a total weight of 5,792 pounds. The Penny Building Fool has already acquired the last 100,000 pennies that he needs to break the Guinness record and is hopeful that he will have them stacked by the end of this month.

When Corey Nielsen started this project back in 2016, he had claimed that his ultimate was not to break the existing record but to do so by actually doubling the number of coins used by Jakštas and Jokubauskis. What do you think of this project and the patience and care that was required to build it?

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  1. Cory Nielsen aka Penny Building Fool Reply

    In order to do a project like this you’ll first need the passion. Without having the passion to undertake such a project -you won’t have enough patients to do this. This is the way I release any and all stress. I’ll be finished soon and then on to my next project.

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