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22 Awesome Life Hacks For Small Apartments

It is very difficult to manage your stuff specially when you are living in a small apartment. Following are some of the amazing 22 life hacks that will surely help you in organising your things in small spaces.

22. Use a vertical magazine holder for your files

Place you file in the magazine holder vertically rather than putting them in the cabinet, Free up your cabinets and use the magazine holders.

21. Using small cases for organizing things

The small cases will be really helpful in management as well as maintaining the cleanliness of your drawers.

20. Peg boards are awesome in maximizing storage space

Free up some counter space and prefer placing your pans and pots on peg boards. It maximizes the storage space as well.

19. Get yourself a folding table

This amazing folding table can be pulled out from the wall and can be used for small meals.

18. Wine box are amazing shoe holders

Put your shoes in the wine box under your bed instead of closet. Free some space from your closet for an easy access.

17. Placing silver wares vertically

Placing up your silver wares vertically would allow you to occupy more space.

16. Bungee cords are a man’s best friend

Bungee cords are always helpful in managing things, The image says it all. Just give it a try.

15. Utilize under the stairs space

If you are living in a 2 floor apartment then the space under the stairs can be utilized as well, as a study place or whatever you want.

14. Using air tight containers for your goods.

Air tight containers can be easily stacked and they occupy less space in the kitchen as well.

13. Place your white board on the table

Putting a White board on the table will free up some wall space. Genius!

12. Say yes to hooks, No to bars

Using hooks organizes you stuff more than bars do. Hang as much towels you want.

11. Making a storage unit in you bed


This life hack is best for small apartments and dorm rooms. As everything stored is hidden and less messy

10. Using Stackable chairs

These chairs take very less space. Open them up when ever you want and put them back to free up space.

9. Hanging your shoes, Brilliant

If you mould your wire hangers the they will work as a shoe hanger, which is better than throwing your shoes all around.

8. Magnet strips are the magic strips.

Attach you bathroom supplies with the magnetic strips, it will clear space in your bathroom cabinets.

7. Dryer = iron board

Attach a magnetic at back of thin quilt, and place it on the dryer whenever you want to iron your clothes.

6. Hanging up your bicycles

Your bicycle can easily be hooked up with 2 cable attached with the ceilings, and maximizes the space.

5. Dresser = Bathroom vanity

The old dressers can be converted into a bathroom vanity.

4. Hang up your tooth-brushes

Hanging you tooth-brushes in your cabinet by making a small indents in the shelves will surely increase space

3. Utilize containers and make magnets out of them

Use this innovative life hack to store your household and your necessities.

2. Replace drawers with plastic tubs

Replacing drawers with the plastic tubs in the cabinets takes less space and this looks cool as well.

1. Hang jars on your walls, to free space on counters

Jars can easily carry the house hold necessities, All it needs is a bit of wall space rather than occupying counter space.