10 Cool Interior Design Hacks For Your Home

We all want to make our place look better and more creative. You don’t need any interior designer to design your home as here are 10 amazing ideas that you can integrate into your home easily to make it look more functional and cool.

1. Concrete Blocks Furniture

You can create a range of beautiful furniture for your home using concrete blocks. These blocks can be used for night stands, patio furniture, outdoor pots, and can even be used to make a frame for your sofa or bed. A coat of paint is all it takes to give these blocks a modern yet homely feel.

Credits: beesdiy.com


2. Hidden Floorboard Storage

Have a small house and need more space? Well here’s the solution. You can build a raised floor that has hidden storage compartments. More space in less space!

Credits: homedit.com


3. Personalized Door Mats

These floor mats could be the ideal welcome greeting for all the guests who visit your place. You can either pick your family name, house number, or a funny greeting to customize your door mats. A pretty cool idea!

Credits: www.countryliving.com


4. Floor Board Drawers

These hidden cabinets or bookcase drawers can be used for storing items that are not of the regular use like a hunting rifle. The guests wouldn’t even notice them!

Credits: qlinedesign.com


5. Mini-Fridge For Drinks And Juices

We all know why a second fridge is almost a necessity. This mini-fridge can be custom fit in a kitchen shelf or a cabinet. It can be used to store beer, juices, or anything you want!

Credits: u-line.com


6. Built-In Vacuum System

Well, this will save you the hassle of using the vacuum machine and taking it from one room to another. These vacuum systems are built into your walls, and all you need to do is sweep the floor and dust to get the job done!

Credits: homegadgetsdaily.com


7. Fun Labyrinth Locks

These locks take some time to open, and that’s the fun in it. Get the labyrinth locks for your doors, windows, and other new hardware types as well. This definitely makes the entry and exit interesting!

Credits: bitrebels.com


8. Amazing Light Fixtures

These amazing light fixtures can alter the aura of your house. Below are the two examples of light fixtures. Although they are a bit expensive, these fixtures will brighten up your room. You can either use them for decoration or lighting!

Credits: cdn.trendir.com
Credits: ideastand.com


9. Accordion Windows

If you live in a place that has a good weather and offers a great view when overlooking the house, then accordion windows are a must-have! It will make your house a lot fancier, and you can even put chairs beside these windows.

Credits: pinterest.com


10. Hidden Rooms

Admit it! We all wanted one of those rooms in our homes that nobody can see. This exciting concept is every child’s dream. Building a hidden room is not that hard. You can find a YouTube tutorial on how to make a secret room!

Credits: urbancoreventures.com

Aren’t these ideas super amazing and easy? Share some more in the comments’ section below.