Make Your Own Super Cool Coffee Table From Concrete At Home

Concrete DIY Coffee Table11

Nobody usually opts for concrete when it comes to making furniture. The reasons are quite obvious; it is hard to work with, it is heavy and not very comfortable and unless you’re trained to work with it, chances are you’ll end up messing the project and ruining your clothes. However, check out Redditor snickers0129’s project of making a coffee table out of concrete. See the project below and let us know what you think of it.

The project started with our inventor creating a number of molds to try out concrete colors.Concrete DIY Coffee Table

Melamine boards were used for the creation of molds.Concrete DIY Coffee Table2

More than a dozen samples were created to find the right color.Concrete DIY Coffee Table3

Finally he created the mold for the table’s top.Concrete DIY Coffee Table4

He made use of a spray gun for the distribution of concrete in the mold. He distributed it so that the tabletop was hollow.Concrete DIY Coffee Table5

This is how it looked after the first layer of concrete.Concrete DIY Coffee Table6

He then packed glass fiber concrete and mesh by hand in order to reinforce the tabletop.Concrete DIY Coffee Table7

The finished tabletop measured in at .75” thick only!Concrete DIY Coffee Table8

He then set about to make the hollow base with walls that were about 0.5” thick.Concrete DIY Coffee Table9

He sanded the concrete down for a smooth finish and even added some layers of satin sealer.Concrete DIY Coffee Table10

Check out the finished product!Concrete DIY Coffee Table11

Look at how it complements the rest of the room!Concrete DIY Coffee Table12


  1. Rojer Reply

    that table weighs a literal ton. no thank you. if that fell over on you, you would definitely die.

    • Guy that read the article Reply

      It says specifically that he made it hollow so it wouldn’t be remotely as heavy as if it were solid.

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