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Here Are 10 Ways You Can Keep Your House Cool Without An AC

You are probably feeling the heat wave too these days. Cranking up the AC seems like the logical solution, however, before you switch it on and end up paying a huge chunk of your income in the form of electrical bill; check out these 10 tips we have compiled using which you can keep your home cooler in summer and thus save up on electricity cost.

10. Lights are a Heat Source

Yes, they are! Besides, there is light till seven or eight at night and you can actually do without these lights at home. They are doing nothing but adding to the heat that is being generated and contained within your home. Incandescent bulbs transform 90% of energy into heat anyway. Opt for CFLs if you want a cooler home.

9. Choice of Food

This one goes a long way folks. If you are cooking up roast chicken; the temperature is bound to go up. Instead, try opting for dishes that are room-temperature. This will lower the heat generation in the house. Make use of a grill if you must cook hot food instead of using a stove or oven. Instead of having steaks at night or food that takes longer to process, try eating those that are easier to metabolize thus resulting in lesser heat generation by body afterwards.

8. Unplugging Devices

Is your monitor switched on while you are not using it? It is generating heat. Is your TV on standby mode? It is generating heat. Be smart and unplug the devices you are not using to reduce the heat generation inside home. Remember; precaution is better than medication.

7. Doors Should Be Closed

If there are rooms which are not being used, make sure their doors are closed. This will ensure that during the hotter part of day, the cool air doesn’t go inside these rooms – eventually being wasted.

6. Bedsheets and Pillows

These seemingly harmless things can be storing the heat inside them and that’s exactly what we don’t want. Change your bedsheets regularly and opt for cotton since it breathes easy. Also, get those buckwheat pillows; they have airspace between them which is natural and thus don’t store the user’s body heat like conventional pillows.

5. Exhaust Fans Are Your Friends

Yes, switch them on after you have taken a bath or after cooking in kitchen. They will help with venting hot air out instead of letting it increase the temperature inside.

4. Welcome the night breeze

Before you hit the bed, make sure that you open up windows to allow for the cool night breeze to flow in. Just be sure that you close them before things start to heat up in the morning.

3. Blinds – Perfect guard

30% of unwanted heat comes from windows and by making use of blinds, curtains and shades you can save 7% on bills and can drop the indoor temperature by almost 20 degrees. That’s enough to feel amazingly relaxed in summer.

2. Use Plants

Plant trees and vines in front of the light-facing windows to help shield your house from direct sunlight. This shall result in lowering the heat that the house absorbs during the day thus keeping it cooler.

1. Be Smart

Think long-term and invest in insulated windows. They will help keep the heat at bay from your house and meanwhile shall retain the cool air inside as well.

Using these tricks in combination will help you yield the greatest results. If you know more of such techniques do share them with us all in the comments below.