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Here Are 20 Laundry Day Hacks To Make It Easy For You

Laundry day can easily become a tiring and frustrating day. Keeping that in mind we have compiled a list of 20 hacks that you can use to make the laundry day fun and stress free. Check out the list and let us know what you think.

20. You can give a mesh bag to family members to keep their socks together.

19. Save space with this fold-out ironing/cabinet being used as laundry rooms!

18. Putting a pool noodle over the cord will help you get rid of crease from the line drying.

17. Have each member of the family own their own laundry basket to avoid mixing.

16. Make a DIY lost and found board to allow for the tracking of lose socks in the family.

15. Have the detergent placed in glass beverage dispensers; classy look and no longer will the cap become slimy.

14. You can use a labeled hamper to have darks and lights separated a day before laundry day.

13. A ladder that hangs from the ceiling with shower curtain hooks will be an amazing indoor drying rack.

12. Have laundry supplies organized into kits.

11. A slip-on shoe drying back will keep the sneakers from banging against your dryer.

10. Make use of baking soda and vinegar if the towels have become old and hard to revive.

9. Sweaters will stretch if they are laid on line or hanger to dry. Have them laid out flat instead.

8. If a single clothing article has to be dried quickly, place it in a salad spinner followed by throwing it in dryer or hanging. The salad spinner helps in removing excess water.

7. Adding a teaspoon of salt will allow you to keep the colors from fading.

6. Make your own detergent if you’re sensitive to chemical detergents.

5. This way you can transform drawers into drying racks!

4. Dry-erase marker notes can be written on top of washer to remember any special conditions that pertain to a particular load of clothes.

3. Have a jar with loose change placed in the laundry room with a sign to act as a reminder for people to check pockets before submitting their load of laundry.

2. If you put a dry towel in the load it will soak up the excess water and you’ll be able to dry your clothes much faster.

1. Have a strain removal guide framed and placed in the laundry room. This will help you and your kids to remove stains on their own.