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7 Facebook Hacks That You Probably Did Not Know Before

Facebook is the leading social media platform with more than 1.7 billion active users. Do you think of yourself as a Facebook addict? A staggering 49 percent of the Americans admitted to being addicted to Facebook but there are a few hidden site features that even the most addicted Facebook fans could miss out. Test your Facebook knowledge here:


Image Source: Here’s the Thing

1. Show the Correct Pronunciation of your Name

Let Facebook teach the people how to utter your name correctly. Go to your Profile>Edit Info> How do you pronounce your name? The information will show in the About Section of your profile.


Image Source: Mashables

2. Change your Relationship Status without stirring the entire World

This hack also works if you left your old job and are currently out of work. Go to your Profile>About>Relationship (or Workplace if you want to switch job status) and click the small button on the left showing the outlines of two persons. Change the status to Only Me. Next, switch the status to Single.


Image Source: Chrome

3. Disable the “Read/Seen” feature of Facebook Messages

Feel compelled to reply to a nagging friend just because you have Seen the message. You can use the app named Unseen to read the Facebook messages without letting the other person know you have read them. Download the browser extension Unseen for Facebook (it’s free). You can also use Chat Undetected if you are on Firefox.


Image Source: Phonearena

4. Export birthdays into your Calendar

Are you annoyed to open your Facebook just to check if any of your friends is celebrating his birthday today? Export birthdays into your calendar by going to the Facebook homepage> Events > You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar> Birthdays. Copy the URL and launch Google Calendar > Other Calendars > and click on the arrow to select the Add by URL option.  Paste the copied URL and you are done.


Image Source: Bloggerspice

5. Stop the Auto-Play feature for videos in your feed

Save your phone data by turning off the auto-play feature for Facebook videos. Navigate to Facebook app > More > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play > Never Autoplay Videos.


Image Source: BeWebSmart

6. Share your post with the Whole world except one person

Want to keep your boss unaware of your trysts last night? Make your post visible to all your friends except the selected persons: While composing a post, select the down arrow and scroll down to the option Friends except. Add the names of those friends that you don’t want to see the post.


Image Source: Tech2Notify

7. Save posts for Reading later

Did you just come across a particularly interesting article in your newsfeed but are pressed for time and can’t read it now? Save it for later by clicking the Share option and selecting Save Link from the drop down menu.

How many of these hacks did you know already? Let us know in comments!