Here Are 19 Coolest Things That You Can Make Out Of Pennies

penny DIYs18

It is astonishing to see the one ot two penny/cent coins have still survived the currency portfolios. I mean what can we really buy with them? A cheap pack of gums costs around 20 pennies and I don’t think any one of us even bother to check how many of them are in our pocket and you can’t figure out what to do with them once they start piling up in your homes. Have you ever thought of doing some cool DIY with them, but just couldn’t figure out what to do? After seeing these, you will learn to appreciate the pennies and their decorational potential:

This stamped pendant made from the penny is a simple yet revolutionary craft.

penny DIYs22

This framed coin art with different levels of rust and color is a unique art of its own.

penny DIYs21

This cool freestyle necklace.

penny DIYs20

Or this more subtle one.

penny DIYs19

You can bend them into buttons.

penny DIYs18

If their color is faded or you don’t like it, paint them all-white

penny DIYs17

You can use them to frame your mirror. Now that is some beautiful decoration.

penny DIYs16

Any tabletop’s appearance can be upgraded with these little coins of different shades.

penny DIYs15

These penny napkin rings are innovative.

penny DIYs14

This penny tray is interesting to look at too. But  don’t think both of them could be used. Guests would think you are obsessed with money.

penny DIYs13

This money bar is awesome and stylish to look at.

penny DIYs12

As is this coffee table.

penny DIYs11

A beautifully decorated vase.

penny DIYs10

Now this is getting serious. Original art made from pennies!

penny DIYs6

Block letters for walls made from these coins.

penny DIYs5

This birdhouse’s roof is all gold! Well, copper really.

penny DIYs4

Now some of us can’t afford this wall, but it’s great to look at nonetheless.

penny DIYs3

Or even a patch of it.

penny DIYs2

He walks with money underneath! An entire floor made from loose change. How about that?

penny DIYs

So you won’t be giving away loose change from now on and try these DIYs? Good!



  1. Kris Reply

    Wow. How much money do you have that you can grab a bucketful of change in your house and say, “instead of depositing this US currency, or giving to less fortunate since I’m so well off, I’m going to make a floor out of it.”? Next to setting money on fire, hands down, this is the best way to say “screw the poor” I have ever seen!

    • Bogdanian Reply

      Hey, this way of putting it shows only that you have a personality problem. These are quite amazing. Money have no value, the society turned you into a robot and made you chase it all your life. These are eternal artistic creations. If you’d be details oriented you would apreciate them more.

    • Meghan Reply

      Settle down. It takes about $2 worth of pennies to cover a square foot. Have you ever priced flooring before? That is beyond cheap.

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