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Guy Creates A Realistic Star Wars Sled Out Of Cardboard And Duct Tape

How many of you are fans of sledding? Such an adrenaline-rushing sport amazes everyone, right? After all, it is the best sport to indulge in during winter. Those who like to go sledding also like to have their own customized sleds.

We decided to bring to you this amazing sled built by Reddit user fortyozjuicebox who modelled it after a speeder from Star Wars. Although sledders are made from plastic, wood or air-filled tubes, this guy pulled off a jawdropping feat by making it out of cardboard. Check out the images below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Cardboard and duct tape – the most basic stuff you need for any amazing DIY project.

Precision and accuracy were the key factors that had to be catered to.

Finally, it started looking like the original speeder from the famous series.

Details are important, right? Check the exhaust and grid on the rear of this sled.

The finishing touches and paint!

The process took time but was worth it.

Here’s a look at the paint job.

And here’s the finished product!