These Duct Tape Hacks Will Help You Out In Many Situations

The duct tape was originally invented in the World War II to keep water out of ammunition cases. They have so many uses these days that nobody can say for sure what it really is for. Here are some duct tape hacks that will help you out in many situations in your daily life.

Pencil Pouches:

You can decorate zip-lock bags with colorful duct tape to make pencil pouches for the kids.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Make Your Own Tux:

You can pull anything off in high school and that includes a tux made out of duct tape.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Patch A Wound:

Duct tape can be used to patch a wound in sticky situations where you have no other provisions.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Cover Blisters:

Blisters can be a real pain, especially if they are at the heel of your feet. You can use duct tape to cover them and make walking bearable.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Open Your Own Jars:

You no longer have to pass the jar to somebody else to open if you have some duct tape lying around.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Build Your Sled:

A folded cardboard box covered in different colored duct tape makes an impressive snow sled.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Patch A Tire:

Finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire can be hell. Duct tape can be used for a quick patch up to get you to the nearest tire shop.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Dress Form:

If you sew your own clothes then you need a dress form. Duct tape is a very handy way to make it.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Improve Grip:

Duct tape can also be used to improve the grip of your shoes.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Fix Tent Holes:

Have a leaky tent? That’s nothing a little duct tape can’t fix.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Never Run Out Of Cups:

If you have duct tape, then you never have to run out of cups.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Build A Hammock:

Stretch some strips of duct tape between some healthy dowels to craft your own hammock.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Charger Pouch:

You can make yourself your own charger pouch near the switch for easy access.

(Source: boredom Therapy)

Build A Boat:

Of all the duct tape hacks, this one is the least recommended. But, in theory, you can build an entire boat out of duct tape.

Are there any duct tape hacks that we missed? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Carolyn Monson Reply

    I made myself a duct tape thimble – forgot to pack one for a quilt retreat.

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