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Youtuber Tries Starting His Car Using Lemons

What would you say if we told you that you could start your car engine by connecting it to lemon halves? Chances are you would look at us as if we have lost it, right? Even after reading such an absurd claim, you are probably thinking what is it that we are blabbering on about. Well, a team of mechanics from Russia came up with an experiment that you could never have thought of! The experiment was filmed and uploaded to YouTube by Garage 54.

Garage 54 is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to never-tried and over-the-top experiments that will definitely leave you with a smile and intrigued for more. You have already seen potatoes and other food items being used in experiments aimed at power generation. However, these guys decided to use something that has never been used before; lemons.

The video that you can see at the end of this post shows a team of mechanics using copper and zinc to test the voltage of lemons. The team is trying to ascertain if the lemons can come up with enough power to start a car. The mechanics from Garage 54 are able to determine that one half of lemon can deliver about 0.96 volts – not the kind of information you would come across on a regular day, right?

The video shows the team then preparing lemons by cutting them in halves and placing them on the floor. The team then connects the lemons using screws and wires, thus creating a circuit. Once the connections have been made, the experiment is all set to be carried out. The experiment concludes that even a thousand lemon halves won’t suffice for starting the car. Nonetheless, the experiment sure makes us smile. Next time life gives you lemons, don’t try using them for starting the car!