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This Star Wars Themed Apartment Is Any Fan’s Ultimate Dream

Light Saber used as light source and Credits: HighliteImages

Star Wars is a worldwide phenomenon, and its fandom stretches across almost four decades. This article is for those Jedi and Sith lords who would love to integrate their home design with their fandom.

Although collectors are many, collectors who can balance their obsession with remarkable aesthetic sense are the rare breed. This Star Wars inspired apartment is designed by Cho Woong. It is a combination of minimalism and playfulness with the interior decorated with Star Wars collectibles and themes.

Lightsaber used as a cabinet opener (Credits: HighliteImages)


Shelves filled with Star Wars collectibles (Credits: HighliteImages)


The kid’s room has Millennium Falcon theme with views of the Death Star. (Credits: HighliteImages)


Darth Vader themed bathroom (Credits: HighliteImages)


Home entertainment center that looks straight Empire- style (Credits: HighliteImages)

For more details and images, visit Woong’s website: White Interior Design.