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20 Brilliant Practical Life Hacks That You Can Use

Following are 20 life hacks that will bring a positive change in your life. Check these out and let us know your favourite in the comments section below

20.Control your emotions

Never ever make promises when you are happy because it is very difficult to keep  promises.

19.Avoid over eating

Turn on an alarm to stop you from over-eating.

18. Wanna spend less money? Then try this brilliant hack

Buy your grocery after you have your meal, this will psychologically let you buy only the things you need to rather than spending extra money.

17. Stretch out your tight shoes in 5 minutes

Wear thick socks and blow dry them around the tight section and Give them  some time to cool down.

16. Enjoy your meal without distractions

Try to concentrate on food only while you are eating, this will help you in chewing your food properly and digestion process will be quicker

15. Brain freeze? we have a solution

If your brain freezes, then press the under-side of your tongue against the upper part of your mouth.Problem solved.

14. Remove permanent stains

Highlighters help in removing the permanent marker stains. This genius trick does work.

13. Avoid mismanagement

Following the philosophy “Bring one thing in and throw two things out” at home will help you in managing your stuff and prevent your house from becoming a store room.

12. Finish up your tasks rather than extending time

Try to finish your work in time especially if it takes two minutes.

11. Maximize the storage space when packing

Roll up your clothes in your suit cases while packing as it increases the storage space.

10. No more snoozing off your alarms

Place your alarm away from you so that you will have to move yourself from the bed rather than snoozing it.

09. Organize your wardrobe with reversed hangers trick.

Placing hangers reversed will help you taking out your clothes quicker.

08. Put your stuff back from where you have picked

Don’t waste your time on finding your lost things around by practicing this life hack.

07. Payments on cash = Less expenses

Psychologically paying through cash lessen your expenses, because when we pay through cards, we don’t get the feel of spending.

06. Take a bath and remove wrinkles from your clothes at the same time

While taking a hot shower, hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and get rid of wrinkles.

05. Remember the names of people you meet all day

Repeat the name loud when some one tells you their name, it will be saved into your memory.

04. Always be punctual, Always be on time

Make a habit of arriving 10 minutes earlier. You will never be stressed about  being late.

03. Prevent green stain on fingers from cheap rings

By painting inside of your rings will prevent green stains on your fingers.

02. Play tactics to deal with something which is not real

Read back the number incorrect, if they repeat it the same then it would surely be legal. This trick is amazing in knowing if anything is fake or real.

01. You can’t buy memories

Whenever on a trip, try to enjoy the experience rather than wasting money on buying things because things expire but the memory of the experience doesn’t.