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Neighbours Were Suspicious What Guy Was Upto In His Garage. What Came Out Will Blow You Away


Everyone wants a racing car at some point in life. However, no one wanted it as bad as this guy who spent four years and a total of $90,000 to create this awesome racing car from scratch. What follows are the pictures from the construction phase to the final product and the product sure is worth the time and money invested. Let’s take a walk through the construction of this awesome supercar.

The first step was to cast a metal body and apply putty.

Followed by making use of sandpaper to give it a polished look.

Polished enough, eh?

Once the putty had dried off, the first coat was applied.

Upon completion of first coat, this is what you get.

Interior installation began after that.

Once completed, the car was taken out on a test drive.

Reviews from friends and other fellow road-lovers were duly noted.

Matt finish was necessary because, well, does it come in black?

Thumbs Up Indeed!

The proud owner with his creation!