50 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

life hacks

Life hacks improve our efficiency and help us get things done. Life hacks also help us tackle the everyday problems that we face. Today, we have compiled some amazing life hacks that will make your life easier. We hope that these hacks, tips and tricks will optimize things in your life. Let us know your personal life hack in the comments below.

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  1. Kendrick Reply

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    to get the word out about your products. It is important to set a time schedule for working.
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  2. John Reply

    The “hands free gas pumping” photograph is actually illegal in some States. In New York it’s not just a Civil Violation, you can actually be charged with a Felony if it causes a gasoline spill.

  3. !@#$%^&*() Reply

    Some are good but some aren’t I’m gonna try out that speaker one tho!!!!!!
    sees if it works or not

  4. Marcus Reply

    So gas stations have that little metal thing under the handle so you don’t need to use your gas cap.. wtf..

  5. bettiola Reply

    Although it’s illegal in my state (MA) to use the gas cap for hands-off pumping I do it anyway for health reasons – inhaling those gas fumes as you stand over the pump can’t be good for you. (People who work at gas stations and pump gas regularly have higher rates of cancer.)

    • Steve Reply

      throughout Europe pumps collect the gasses as they fill the tank. US companies prevent this idea.

  6. Alex Reply

    The absence of hold-open clips on gas nozzles is actually part of a decades-old law in Massachusetts — one that was passed to prevent gas station fires that can be caused by static electricity. The idea was that sliding in and out of the seat of your car could create static friction, and that the shock of touching the nozzle could ignite fuel vapors emitted by the nozzle. (And it does indeed happen, though it’s rare http://youtu.be/tuZxFL9cGkI.)

  7. Jeff Reply

    Gas pump nozzle levers to keep the gas pumping are illegal in MA and NY, not because people drive off with the pump still in the car, but because of the once very real issue of static electricity igniting gas fumes. New cars, however, have systems that prevent fumes from leaving the fuel tank, so the law are not unnecessary, but very much still on the books.

  8. Micheline Reply

    Wonderful article! We are linking to this great post on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

  9. Charline Carter Reply

    i really enjoy and appreciate those tips that make life easier. thanks

  10. GM Reply

    As a Physicist, I should know these things, especially the Grey Goose glasses. These are eye openers to thinking differently. Thanks!

  11. Tom Reply

    When the gas turns off automatically it’ll spit the gas cap out and then it rolls under the car.
    Hilarity ensues!

  12. Cochese Reply


    There is no special sensor in the car, it is all in the handle/ nozzle of the pump. And despite what this guy says, it is a rather simple mechanism called the Venturi Effect. Here, this video explains it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFKOD3KRkZs&feature=player_embedded

  13. Parker Reply

    Just hold the f&*^ing handle down yourself. It’s not hard work to grip for 30 seconds, hardly a hack.

  14. Joe Reply

    I’ve never heard of a gas cap in a pump handle being illegal, but different states, countries and so on probably have different laws for this sort of thing. I don’t see why you would do that anyway since most pump handles have a metal trigger lock already built into them. And the gas won’t keep pumping if you leave it in a lifted position. There’s a sensor that triggers a device inside the handle that automatically disengages the trigger when your tank is full. That’s why you can set the trigger lock on and let go of the handle, because it’ll automatically stop pumping when you have a full tank.

  15. Andrey Reply

    @Paul – it actually WILL stop by itself, same way as may full service gas stations have gas pistols with stoppers so the gas station worker wouldn’t hang around waiting for your tank to fill up. The mechanism (called emergency stop) stops filling when the special sensor in the car tells it to. It might be illegal to use the cap because if that emergency stop for some reason doesn’t work you get a gas spill on the gas station. (What can go wrong from there? :))

  16. Not Paul Reply

    Doesn’t stop? Are you kidding?

    It wasn’t so long ago that the auto stop tabs were removed. They did the exact same thing. They were removed from the handles not because they didn’t work, but because people forgot to remove the hose before driving off! They worked great and full serve stations still have them installed.

  17. J.J. Reply

    Wow! It is not “illegal” to stick the gas cap or anything else under the nozzle handle in lieu of holding it. It may be ill advised, but it’s not illegal. Many times the built in mechanism that holds the handle in the on position gets broken off or is removed by the fueling center to avoid accidental overflow by someone leaving the pump unattended while fueling (which is also ill advised). In all modern fueling nozzles, a small pipe called a venturi runs down the inside of the gas nozzle. When the end of the venturi pipe becomes submerged in the rising gas, it chokes off the air pressure that holds the nozzle handle open and shuts down the flow of gas. Whether the handle is held open by hand, by the gas cap, or by the built-in “kick stand”, the Venturi pipe is designed to shut the flow off when the fuel level approaches the top. In rare cases, the Venturi may fail to stop the flow of fuel, that is why it is advised to never leave the gas pump unattended while fueling.

  18. Alex Reply

    It can still stop itself. The handle is not at all what stops the flow of gas….if it was don’t you think people would use this to get more than what they paI’d for…..lol

  19. stinker Reply

    the gas pump already has a lock on it for hands free. its the silver lever on the bottom. its there to hold the pump handle during pumping & releases once the tank is full.

  20. Paul Reply

    The problem is with the “gas cap idea” is how is it going to stop? It can’t stop itself this way. Didn’t know it was illegal to do that, but this may be why it is illegal

  21. janssen Arne Reply

    That hack for watching a movie laying sideways works better witch ctrl+alt+left arrow (or right arrow)
    You can just repear that trick with ctrl+alt+ up arrow
    Enjoy. 😛
    I use it for prank, thats the way i know it.

  22. Nancy Reply

    Gas cap illegal? That’s why it’s called a hack! Who cares anyway if it works.

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