Guy Shows You How To Make Mini Motorcycles Using Empty Cigarette Lighters

Miniature Motorcycle Made from Disposable Lighters

Throwing away disposable lighters seems like such a waste. With the modern day approach of recycling almost everything and anything, someone came up with something fun to do with used disposable lighters. Someone on the internet has apparently created a way to turn these regular (somewhat boring) objects into fun, mini-sized motorbikes.

The procedure requires a great amount of patience and having nimble hands. An engineering-oriented mind helps too. The images below give a pictorial guide on how to turn a pair of disposable lighters into an amazing motorcycle.








Admittedly, the above instructions are difficult to follow (almost impossible). But for those of you who can speak Chinese, there is a step-by-step guide with written instructions. (A translation will be greatly appreciated from anyone who understands the language)


To make things even easier, someone made a video and demonstrated the entire process in easy to follow steps. Here’s the video:

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