250 Hard Drives Used To Make One Awesome F1 Car

F1 Car Made from Hard Drives

Though this car may look like an actual Formula1 racer at first glance, taking a closer look reveals that there is something unreal about it. Those of you who have operated on the internals of their PC’s will know that most of the components closely resemble hard drives. In fact, the car is made using hundreds of hard drives.

f1 hard drive car 3 620x744

Rob Ryan, from Western Digital, used his bits and pieces from drives made by his company to create this one-of-a-kind model. The only parts of the car not made from hard drives are the tires which are made from a resin made by Dupont called Delrin. The front wheel hubs are made using 10,000 rpm drive motors and the rear hubs are made from 4,500 rpm motors. The motors have been milled down using a CNC, meaning they can actually rotate. Unfortunately, the car is too delicate to function at full speeds. The actuators were used to make the front wing of the car and the side panels were made using WD’s Red hard drives. The rear wing was made using Velociraptor and Scorpio hard drive actuators.
Pictures courtesy of LegitReviews.com

F1 Front

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Disk motors were used to replicate the driver’s head and the LED’s used in the car came for WD’s external drives. The most amazing aspect of the car however is the replica V12 engine made using 12 Western Digital Scorpio notebook hard drives. This car has been made with the utmost attention to detail and the intricacy of the craftsmanship is amazing. It may have been made as a worker’s hobby, but this car has certainly helped market Western Digital’s products nicely. A job well done for sure!


  1. Janek Reply

    Looking at the front grill, making a lawn mower will look good too, but definitely not as appealing as this F1. Great job!

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