Mechanics Build ‘Flying’ Carpet Propelled by Heater Fans

Youtuber comes with an experiment that will suffice your all long-held Aladdin flying carpet curiosity. The guy shows what happens next when all famous Aladin flying carpet becomes a reality, and that too in Russia’s cold weather.

The Garage54 Youtube channel’s smart mechanics comes back with a mad and all ingenious idea, and this one will surely make you feel nostalgic. They have brought the fictional carpet from the skies of Agrabah to the real snowy streets of Russia.

The video begins with Vlad, Garage 54’s main character having the time of his life “flying” through snowy Russian streets. He mentioned that this is the first experiment of this sort that they are conducting, and it’s pretty simple with a lot of fun involved.

They equip it with some batteries and fans for everything to function as desired. They stated that the most difficult and tricky part was to lift off the carpet while a grown-up adult sits on it. This initial step asked for most of the thinking; the rest was easy, they said.

Altogether, it gives out a good vibe to witness several grown men actually enjoying themselves and having fun in the snow. The video below will guide you by making it a reality if you ever want to build one for yourself. As they have already said, that it’s easy to make one. Enjoy!

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