School Students Build Bicycles Using Car Tires and Scrap Material

The skillful students were able to turn cheap waste material into a 150-dollar bicycle with an unusual twist.

Anything and everything becomes possible when you have the right skills and the will to do it. All that matters is the energy you put into some task. The way these two sixteen-year-old boys have executed what they desired is pretty amazing. No, they didn’t learn it from Buhamster or any other informative site.

The boys had a fresh car tire and decided to buy some more scrap material to create a bike. With one successful build, they decided to keep on going and purchased $7 worth of scrap materials for each bike and sold it at $150 each successfully. Sounds pretty inspiring to me!

Unique Design Bicycle

Two Turkish students, Mücahit G?rg?ç and Efe Demiral were playing outside in their neighborhood when the former’s father gave them a car tire and said they could do whatever they’d want with it. 

One of the amazingly skilled boys said that they were bored with their online studies in the times of the Covid-19 outbreak and hence decided to spend their time doing something productive. Their first project was to transform cheap scrap material into a modern-looking bicycle with a new car tire.

Steps To Build It

The boys went to a local scrap dealer to look for the things they could use to build the bicycle. Interestingly, they could find exactly what they desired and got an idle bike body just for a fraction of a price.  

Creating the bicycle using scrap materials wasn’t an easy feat. However, given the skillset they had, it wasn’t much of a problem for these two. The boys said that the first step was to cut the wheel to fit their purchased bicycle rim.

The second step had them widen the back of the bicycle frame to fit the new car tire. Mücahit said that welding wasn’t a problem, as one of their uncles had a shop of his own and helped them out with the tools.

Welding works already fascinated the two; hence working in the shop was more fun for them and involved many learning new stuff. They could do most of the necessary stuff to build their bike in the welding shop, with some of the finishing touch-ups remaining.

They also swapped the pedal system with an extended one so that it could fit the new design.

Efe did the paint job, and the finished look seemed fine. The boys said that building the whole thing cost them only 40 bucks in total.

The boys then went on to ride their new amazing build. The experience afterward was even interesting as they got a lot of attention and love for their new design bike. People around asked them where to find one for themselves, and even asked to take pictures with their built bicycle. Later on, upon such a demand from people around, they could sell a total of 12 bikes.

Their Future Goals

The amazingly skilled and smart students said that they wish to build a bike with a car rim in the future, and afterward, they have plans to create a bike that would be equipped with a woodcutter engine, which sounds more of a fun project indeed.

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