Engineer Designs A V12 Engine Just In Three Hours

If their was a competition for designing an engine the fastest, this engineer would have been at the top.

Sometimes the side-projects are more entertaining than the mainstream ones, and what we have here is a true example of it. As the name of the video hints, the guy designs a “mini air-powered V12 engine” at a terrible fast speed.

Although, his comment was somewhat a bit harsh if we take into regard that he build a kind of functioning engine in a span less than three hours.

While he was on a Mazda engine project, the qualified engineer wanted to test himself so to avoid staring at valves. The guy used some materials that he didn’t want to disclose because of concerns regarding design theft. However, the tasks for which he spent nearly 30 hours went all in vain after being declared as not up to the mark.

The skillful engineer said in a high engineering spirit that “if I had to choose a weak point in all of this, it would be everything.” Although simultaneously, the whole build is pretty fascinating when you have a look at it. Enjoy!

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