4 Almost-Magic Tricks To Make Your Path To Graduation Smooth

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Life at college doesn’t have to be as difficult as many students say. Of course, there are lots of responsibilities, and the academic curriculum is usually quite tough. But with a wise approach and effective planning, it can be much smoother.

Here are tips and tricks on how to make your college experience a pleasant one. And do not worry, they only seem magical, but there are no spells involved.

Keep Your Resources Nearby

Arguably, the first year is the hardest in higher education. Simply because you have to learn to live on your own, manage finances, and do the studying thing. It might seem overwhelming. 

What one needs to start with is gathering all helping resources that might come in handy. It means that in case of any difficulty and situation you know exactly where to go and o ask for help. It saves a lot of time and is much more convenient. It includes:

  • Knowing where the local grocery store, hardware store, and pharmacy. These are essential places where you’ll go quite a lot.
  • Writing down all the campus freebies. To stay on a budget, learn about everything you can get for free, whether it is a campus gym membership, an event, or other benefits. Also, learn about all the student discounts in your city, including transportation.
  • Understand your health insurance and what it covers. Find the nearest doctor’s office you can go to in case of any sickness. Prepare first-aid remedies at home for such things as the common cold.
  • Research all study resources you can use. It includes a campus library, online academic databases, the essay writing service you might use, or a college advisor. Remember that if you have any difficulties with understanding the information given on the course, you can always talk to your professor.

One of the most essential skills to learn in college is to ask for help when you need it. Maybe it is advice from a friend, encouragement from parents, or help from an advisor – there is always someone for you.

Be Holistic About Your Studies

Holistic learning is a relatively new movement in academia but it has many benefits. To sum it up, it is about using all aspects of the learner’s personality, not only intellect but also emotions, imagination, body, etc. 

The main goal is to have more understanding of the subject rather than just memorizing some facts. It is an effective and comprehensive method to truly learn and understand the subject.

Do not try just to memorize something. Try to connect it to your previous experiences, common knowledge, or background information. Maybe you’ve heard about it or watched a movie on this topic. 

You can use additional materials, like YouTube tutorials to enrich your knowledge on the subject and have a wider perspective. It is going to make you a better learner and passing exams will be much easier.

Use Helpful Tools and Apps

Another great way to make your studies more productive is to take advantage of digital tools. There are lots of applications and solution that can help with any aspect of your college experience, such as:

  • SoundNote is an app that allows recording a lecture and taking notes at the same time. It works perfectly on iOS devices but for Android devices, there is a similar solution called AudioNote. Recording lectures is a great way to make sure that no information is lost and you can use it as learning material.
  • Use organizational apps like Any.do or My Study Life to keep up with all deadlines. College is nothing like a high-school and all papers should be submitted at the designated time.
  • Use Grammarly for easy proofreading of all your papers. It helps to eliminate all typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes.
  • Take advantage of Google Docs and Google Drive to keep all educational materials in one place, safely stored on the cloud and accessible from any device and place.

One can also use budgeting tools to keep account of the money or use digital libraries with thousands of books. Technology makes education much more flexible.

Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, there is no way a student can live without some partying. And it is fine; the secret is in keeping the balance. The state of your body directly influences your mental state and the ability to successfully follow an academic curriculum. There are three primary factors of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Proper diet. Your eating habits impact your academic performance as the brain requires full nutrition. Try to eat healthily on campus, stay away from highly-processed and sugary foods.
  • Physical exercise. You can sign up for a gym or train on your own. Physical activity also influences academic performance. If you are not a fan of gyms, you can follow many YouTube tutorials, start jogging, or just choose a bicycle instead of public transport.
  • Enough sleep. It is essential to have a good rest. Sleeping is what helps a brain to recharge and be more productive during the day. Manage your time so that you can have a good 8 hours of sleep every day.

Overall well-being also includes relaxation and having some “me time”. Make sure that you do what you like, whether to watch a movie, go for a walk with friends, or play a favorite game. 

Try to devote some time to pleasant activities at least several times a week. It is not only about studies, one needs to enjoy their life to stay productive. It is also crucial to prevent academic burnout and mental exhaustion.

In Summary

To be a successful student and graduate on time, one needs to learn how to manage their time and life in the most balanced way. Try to be efficient with your studies, use all the helping tools and resources, and do not be afraid to ask for help. 

Also, keep health in mind, stay active, and take care of your mental and physical state.


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