Here Is How You Can Start A Fire Using A Lemon


Hey man, you got a light?

Me: Nah bro, I got a lemon though!

Who knew besides making sweet lemonade, lemons could actually be used to burn things down! This video from YouTuber NorthSurvival shows a way to “survive in the wild” with a savvy way to make fire with a lemon and stop yourself from freezing to death.

Of course, the minuscule prospect of finding unfrozen lemons in the wild along with an elaborate list of constituents makes this more of a science fair project rather than a survival trick, but it’s pretty cool nevertheless!

Just in case you are wondering about what you’ll need to make the project happen,

  • one lemon
  • six zinc nails
  • six copper fasteners
  • wire
  • wire cutter (optional, but will make it much easier)
  • steel wood
Amazingly, the simple setup shown in the video allows the lemon to produce about five volts of electricity, which is more than enough to start a full blown blaze, given you provide adequate combustible materials!Watch the video below for the action:

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